Bedroom Series Stickers 4-Pack

Mel Stringer

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The Bedroom Series This series explores the world of four different girls. Each a creative spirit, each soaked in their own different fashion and glittered with a different attitude. You get to peek into their bedrooms at a relaxed moment, a rare opportunity. An almost voyeuristic, stylised 'slice of life' spell. Peek in to see a purple-haired girl contentedly tattooing herself, a pink kitty sweater-wearing girl nervously wielding a spray-can, a girl wearing spiky black creepers happily giving herself a haircut and a distracted girl with an immaculate black bob applying lipstick. Get this sweet little collection of 4 gorgeous girls from the Bedroom Series.

DETAILS: - 4 Stickers in a pack - Water resistant (but not for moist environments or harsh outdoor use) - Matte - Full colour - Size Averaging 3.2 x 2.2 Inches